Welcome to Mama Char's Houzz y'all

Mamachar.com is not just about me, it is about YOU!  I know without doubt, life’s challenges can leave us feeling unloved, alone, unworthy and broken.  I am here to tell you, you are loved, you are not alone, you are no better than any one but yet as good as everyone and regardless of your past or current situations...you can be all you ever dreamed and even more that you can’t!

Throughout this site you will find hope!  I have lived as a pauper and a Queen, I have been loved and despised...and I have shot myself in the foot so many times, I care not to count them!  But, I am living my purpose driven life because of my “I will not go quietly into the night” attitude and the strong support system I have encircled myself with, and you can too!

Being referred to as the Queen of Silver Linings, where Joan Rivers collides with Dear Abby and even Mama Char the no foo-foo woo woo, I am here to tell you that God created you perfectly and if you want to live a better life, you can!  I am proof!  The bottomline is...I am here for YOU!  To help you heal, grow and mature into the SuperMan and WonderWoman you were created to be!

Mamachar.com is a melting pot of books, blogs, radio shows, products and services!  I believe in promoting others that have the same desire to serve as I do.  Good things for and by good people...that’s what we’re put on this earth to do...right?  So, step into the quirky world of Mama Char...just watch your step!