Mama Char


I am a survivor of abandonment, abuse and tragedy living to help others cope when life throws a stick instead of a lifeline!  My winning personality and child like outlook on life, helps me to help others that are bound by their past.

 Illegitimate and placed on a doorstep of a country home as a child, I was subjected to sexual, physical and emotional abuse until I graduated high school.  For most, repeatedly hearing “your mother doesn’t even love you, so who will believe you when you tell” begin to believe it...but not me!  I never took ownership of what was being said over me.  The day after my high school graduation, just before my 18th birthday, I set out to conquer the world! 

And boy did I conquer!  3 years to the day of my high school graduation, I was married to my destined soul mate and had 2 children.  Life was GOOD!  I raised “Irish twins” 10.5 months apart, had a the pleasure of working side-by-side with my lover in a prestigious occupation as event producers and then IT happened!  I know you know what IT is (I saw Curly on “City Slickers” talk about it).  IT can be your friend or your this case it was foe!

My now husband of 32 years begins to suffer with a mysterious nerve disease and forced into a wheelchair.  Over the next 10 years, he was seen by doctors from coast to coast in an attempt to identify the culprit taking his ability to walk, causing him excruciating pain and the capability to care for himself.  During this most grueling time in our lives, I chose to be his wife and caregiver, never ceasing the research to stop the progression of the dying nerves and failed organs.  6 years after he was given a 6 month death sentence, he passed away.  I miss him desperately but am learning life goes on even after tragedy and loss.

My hope is that my words will heal any broken parts in your lives and you begin to live life like it is meant to be!  I welcome you to join me on the experiences of my life; from abused child to wife, mother, successful business woman, caregiver, widow and to the woman I am today, but buckle’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!