Mama Char is now a published author!  Yay y'all!  Being honored to co-author with the likes of Lisa Nichols, SARK and Christine Kloser, I am beyond words for how I feel about this book.  "Pebbles in the Pond, Wave Three" is an anthology of inspirational stories of tragedy and triumph!

If you are interested in purchasing an autographed here and send me a message.


Celebrate my 63rd birthday with my latest ebook... Jesus and the "G" Spot. Where Spirituality and Sensuality come together as God intended.

This book is my opinion on how to have a loving and long relationship with God and your partner.  Taking the "nasty" out of sex!  God did not say it was wrong to get "busy"...HE said it was wrong to get "busy" with your neighbor's wife!

If you are interested in purchasing this ebook... click here!